Five Stars

Allen McKinney Plano Auto Hail Repair is a small company that has several offices strategically located in areas where hail is a common problem. Their presence in the Denver area is new and I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my experience with AMP. Like a lot of people in my area (Littleton/Englewood), my car got pummeled with golf ball-size hail a few weeks ago.I initially brought my car in for an estimate. I met with the owner (Scott) and he was not only personable, but he was also thorough and professional. Initially, I was not completely sold on having AMP work on my car because of their lack of online presence. However, I believe in giving small businesses an opportunity and Scott did everything to assure me that I was in good hands.

I had a vacation to Portland scheduled and so AMP arranged for a rental car for me at DIA upon my return. In addition, they were able to work with my insurance company to do what was best for my vehicle. Mainly – my AllState adjuster recommended to cut my roof off and replace it with a new roof. This is often times a much more invasive and cheaper fix than fixing the dents. Cutting the roof is pretty common when there is significant hail damage. However, it also devalues the vehicle and there may be potential leakage if not done right. AMP worked and fought for me to get every dent out of the roof instead of having a new one welded on. That alone, is a BIG indication of their integrity and exceptional customer service.

I took my car in on June 25th. It’s July 2nd and I stopped by today to check out my car. Although it is not completely done (they are waiting for new parts to come in), I was able to inspect my car and they did a great job. They were thorough and able to fix every dent. I was impressed! We are hoping to get my car back by the end of this weekend. I am thrilled that I gave them a chance and although I have not received the finish product, I have zero hesitation recommending them to others. They are professional, courteous, and willing to answer any questions you may have. They really will take care of ya!”

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